From Loney Geek To Romantic World Traveler.

My Story 

My journey has been rags-to-riches. From a nobody to the most

interesting man in the room. Driven by dreams, fueled by

motivation. I didn’t start out a handsome, successful Romeo—

but I’m living proof that hard work and the right insights will take you anywhere


I was fat. Wore glasses. Had braces. In addition to being a four-eyed metal-mouth, it looked like I dressed in the dark—my taste in clothing could have been an episode of a What Not to Wear. My self-esteem was at rock-bottom. That insecurity kept me in relationships longer than was healthy; I would rather be unhappy than alone. 


I didn’t grow up with older brothers or sisters to guide me through the ways of the world and show me how to live. My dad was, and still is, a geek—love you, Dad. Despite all these factors working against my good graces with the ladies, there was a time when I really liked a girl and for once, she liked me too.


Terrified to make the wrong move, I was paralyzed. My fear of losing her—doing or saying the wrong thing—kept me from doing anything at all. And because I never spoke up, never reached out, I lost her.


This happened again, and again. I was too scared to take action and missed out on girl after girl. 


Finally, I decided to make a change. I joined the military believing that I would gain the strength to man up in my life. I got in great shape and grew my confidence—too much. My transition took me from shy guy to a cocky asshole, and ironically, my social life remained the same—no guys wanted to befriend me, no girls wanted to date me. 


It wasn’t until I became a businessman that I learned the importance of finesse and good people skills—and learning was a labor of love. Trial and error. Many times I tried and failed, and had to close down shop. After eight years, I decided to leave the military and pursue a career in sales in New York City. I believed that door-to-door sales would help me in the business world. But that is a difficult line of work, and my efforts were fruitless. This last failure left me completely broke—I had no choice but to pack up and move back in with my mom in North Carolina. 


Depressed and penniless, I was forced to take a hard look at what I wanted to do, and why. I had a revelation: the reason my past businesses had failed was not simply a lack of experience, but also a lack of passion. My heart was never in it.


What was my passion? Traveling the world. Getting in the best shape of my life. Romancing women from every country. A business plan began to develop as I clarified my ambitions, and I decided to start a personal training business. As a full-time coach, I could fulfill my drive for fitness, grow a successful business, and support a lifestyle of traveling and practicing the art of love.


Now that my heart was in it, I was able to build a very successful personal training business. After only 15 months, I quit coaching and began my travels. It took lots of failures to learn how to succeed. Business failures, romantic failures, personal failures. But now, I can make friends, influence people, and see the world with confidence. Everything I’ve done—every defeat and triumph—has built the foundation for the success I now enjoy. I’ve traveled to over 15 countries. I’ve been with nearly 100 women. I’ve started a successful brand. And I'm here to show you that it's not only possible, it's also absolutely achievable. Follow my adventures as you learn what I've learned. With the right tools, you'll have your own success. So dream big.