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Colombian Wifey

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

It’s my first night in Parque Lleras, Medellin. I stand downstairs in the Woka lounge, a beautiful Colombian nightclub. The waiter asks if I needed another drink—I was already on my second. “Where the fuck is this chick?” I mutter under my breath, and the waiter chuckles. He speaks English, like most waiters at Parque Lleras. He tells me not to worry; that's how Colombian women are.

It’s now been 45 minutes of waiting; my date texts every fifteen or so with the same message: “Almost there, the taxi is lost.” At the third text, I roll my eyes—Parque Lleras is famous and easy to find.

I’m sipping my third drink as I watch a beautiful girl with red and black hair get out of a taxi. She’s wearing a form-fitting black catsuit which shows off her cleavage and shapely legs. As she saunters across the street, I find myself wondering if I can get her number before my date arrives.

This beautiful mystery woman sees me staring at her and walks my way, holding eye contact. With a look of recognition, we simultaneously realize that we are each other’s dates.

“Hola Mary, Glad you made it this year,” I rib her playfully.

She laughs and apologizes. After we sit down and order a few drinks, I look her body over. “It was worth the wait—you look pretty good,” I say. The comment doesn’t do her justice; she looks amazing. Her full hips frame a small waist. The smooth, light skin of her slightly exposed breasts leads upwards to a graceful neckline and the exotic dark red and black of her shoulder-length hair.

She giggles and replies, “You look better than I imagined.” She was right; I look especially sexy. I’d worked out all month and eaten clean all month, and it shows in the bulk of my muscles. My fitted black shirt, sleeves rolled up, highlights my sinewy musculature. My hair cut is extra fresh. I have a sensual swagger, a confidence that stems from looking good and being successful. I’d turned my body into an impressive specimen. My personal training business is now making more money in a few short hours than I used to make in a whole week working in the military. All this confidence is exuded in my social poise and self-assuredness; before Mary had arrived, I’d made friends with other guests in the Woka lounge and they call my name throughout the night for shots at the bar and photos. A woman’s attraction to you is fueled when she sees your magnetism with others.

Mary and I go upstairs hand in hand. We stop at the balcony, where the nighttime view of the Colombian city lights takes her breath away.

“I have never been here,” she says. “It is so beautiful. I know this, but I never had a date take me here before.” Her soft voice is flavored with the accent of Medellin.

“Now you have me,” I whisper in her ear, smooth and cheesy, like a line from a movie. I wrap my arms around her from behind and feel her body tense; she is nervous, but she wants me. I will wait to kiss her.

Taking her hand, I walk Mary inside. The Woka lounge has been modeled after a cave; it is luxurious and mysterious. The romance of the grotto. We walk through the lounge together and the vibe is romantic but social; as we sit on some couches near the bar, two female waiters greet me by name. Mary is a bit jealous, and I let the situation play into that. For now, a little jealousy is good.

Time passes pleasantly. She is charmed by my conversation. I read her palm: my favorite party trick. We are flirting like crazy and I know she wants me although we have yet to kiss. As our third round of drinks arrive I realize it is 1 am. Time to make moves.

I begin to look at her lips more and more, with growing passion, as she talks to me. She notices my intensity; “Franz, stop looking at me like that.” She glances away. “You’re going to make me things I shouldn’t do on the first date.” I smile and ask suggestively, “Shouldn’t do, or can’t?” She smiles back. A coy smile belies her obvious desire.. “Things I shouldn’t do, but can…”

I run my hand through her soft hair, black and crimson, and she closes her eyes as I pull her head closer. When our lips finally touch, after a long night of anticipation, the sexual tension has built irresistibly. We make out with passion and intensity as though there is no one else around us. Forgetting the world. She sucks on my thumb in a way that lets me know she wants to fuck. I bite her lip and she moans, grabbing my shirt to pull me in closer.

A female waiter was standing nearby with the small dessert Mary had ordered; we finally noticed her presence. “Sorry to interrupt,” she says lightly and with some humor. We all chuckle with slight embarrassment.

I call us a taxi, using the Easy Taxi app. "I'm coming to your place tonight, just for a little bit. We don't need to do anything tonight," she tells me, not believing the words herself. The taxi ride was peaceful; a bit of kissing but nothing intense was a pleasant break from the powerful passions we shared in the club. When we arrive at my apartment in Medellin, the temperature between us rises again. I close the door and pull her close right away, my lips moving to her neck, her hands wrapped around me. I take off my shirt. Mary pauses with concern that we are moving too fast.

“I’m hot,” I say as an excuse. It’s important that I make her feel comfortable. I go back to kissing her neck, sucking gently on her light-colored skin, pushing both our bodies against the wall. I feel her breathing become shallow, her ribs and hips pressing against mine. My hand gently brings her hand to my pelvis, placing it on the massive erection clearly felt through my shorts. I see her eyes widen and jaw drop. I let go of her hand and she reaches inside my pants, pushing past my boxers to the hot skin of my dick. My belt is unbuckled, and my pants drop to the floor as I grab her free hand and place two fingers in my mouth, then lift her skirt up and place those two wet fingers inside her own pussy. She is so wet. Sweet liquid flows from inside her across both of our hands. I tell her to keep fingering herself as I finish undressing, then I lift her little body onto a small couch in my apartment.

Her panties come off instantly, and without thinking I put them in her mouth. She opens her pussy with two fingers, flicking her clitoris with another. I find myself putting a condom one with one hand, the other holding up her skirt. I slide inside her tight wetness. It doesn't take long for us to realize that this small couch is not made for sex; I pick her up and hold her body against mine, my dick still inside her, and carry her to the bedroom. When we collapse on the bed my shaft goes even deeper inside of her; she screams with pleasure, but I want to make sure the condom is still on safely. I check and it's fine. We experiment with different positions; I'm learning her body and she is learning mine. Some of it is fucking. Some of it is passionate lovemaking. Some, both at once. One minute I'm choking her slightly and the next we stare into each other's' eyes as I thrust inside her slowly. We go for three rounds and finally collapse together at 5 am.

As she gets into the taxi to leave, she looks back at me hopefully. “Will I see you tomorrow?”

I smile. "Tomorrow, I'm taking you to the park." She beams at me and we kiss goodnight. Tomorrow comes and we spend the day at the park together, with her two young sons. For the next few weeks, we spend time together on and off. Anytime I don’t have a date, or she isn’t working, my time in Medellin is spent with Mary.

I'm not certain she knows I am seeing other women, or if she just doesn't want to know. But I believe deep down she knows we wouldn't end up together. We got to know each other on a deep level. I "play family" with her and her two sons, filling in as a surrogate daddy. But she knows it won't last.

There is a part of me that wants to be in a serious relationship with her, but my heart isn't fully in it. I want to explore the world and explore other women. Someday, I plan to settle down with one woman—but for now, I'm just ready to set up my next date.

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