• Franz Saint-Fleur

The Philippines

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Taking a closer look at the Philippines as a dream country for single men to visit reveals a lot of pros and cons that you should know before traveling. Although the local girls in the Philippines are beautiful, there are some shortcomings about the country that does not make the best for single men. Here are the pros and cons for single men in the Philippines. Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

The Pros

Welcoming Culture

The Philippines is home to some of the most friendly and hospitable people in Southeast Asia. The girls in this country are very loving and generous, especially to foreigners. It only takes a smile for you to start a conversation with women in this Southeast Asian country. When you smile, they will smile back and therefore make it much easier to start a conversation. You should therefore be careful on who you smile with, you might find yourself seducing ladies everywhere you visit.

Cheaper Cities to Stay In

Cities such as Manila and Cebu City in the Philippines provide a cheap lifestyle, especially for foreigners coming from countries with much stronger economies. Although most of the shopping areas and eating places in these cities are usually overcrowded, products are much cheaper than in the US or other European nations. When you convert your money into local currency, you will be left with a lot to spend and have fun with the local women. This is because of the weak economy of the Philippines when compared to the Western countries.

Women who are Open-minded about Dating

Unlike most other Asian countries where girls are not at liberty to choose their preferences while dating, the Philippines women are me frank and flexible on dating matters. The girls are not afraid to hold men’s hands in public or to flirt with foreigners in nightclubs. This is a big advantage considering that some Southeast Asian countries have cultures that do not permit such acts.

-Beautiful Cities with Ultramodern Facilities

The cities of Manila and Cebu have some top-quality facilities that any visitor will find enjoyable and help make him feel at home, even if it is your first time visiting the Philippines. Manilas, skyline is dotted with several skyscrapers that also provide beautiful scenery for taking memorable photos with the local girls. You can also visit local cinemas and eateries in manila and Cebu City that are crafted in modern European and North American style to make foreign visitors feel at home always.

They Speak English!

Contrary to popular beliefs that local Filipino girls do not understand English, there are millions of well-educated women who speak English and other major foreign languages in the country. In fact, it is estimated that for every ten girls you are likely to meet in the Philippines, at least seven speak fluent English. This is a very big percentage when compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Single men looking for Asian girls who speak fluent English should therefore consider the Philippines as one of the best Asian countries to visit.

The Cons

Overcrowded Streets

Cities such as Manila and Cebu City have big numbers of people, majority of which trade locally available products on the streets to make a living. Most of the streets are therefore filled with unpleasant merchant kiosks and the dirty trenches do not help in making the scene better. This is especially true in the residential areas of these cities and places where you can get cheap food. This may not work well for foreign visitors, especially those coming to the Philippines for the first time.

Safety Issues

Unfortunately some areas in the major cities of the Philippines are rated as no-go zones for anyone visiting without a local guide. This is due to the high insecurity cases that are reported everyday in those areas. It is important to have a local guide to show you the safe areas to visit with your girl. It is also important to point out that a big part of the cities are safe for anyone visiting and you will surely have some great moments exploring the local attractions with local women.

The Weather Can Get Crazy

The Philippines lie well within the tropics with hot humid weather conditions and harsh rainy seasons that are often accompanied by storms, floods and tropical diseases such as malaria. Foreigners, especially those visiting the country for the first time might find these conditions difficult to adapt to, especially if you are coming from a cold country such as Iceland and some parts of Europe. However, this should not be a big issue to travelers coming to the Philippines after visiting other tropic countries that experience harsher hot climatic conditions throughout the year.

Lastly, it is important to point out that the Philippine is home to beautiful women who are readily willing to date anyone without discriminating. Only a few local girls find it unacceptable to date foreigners. Majority of the beautiful Filipino women, especially the college-educated ones, will be more than willing to have fun and happy moments with you as soon as you approach them for dating. The next paradise country is Thailand, read about it here.