• Franz Saint-Fleur

Atlanta, GA

Solo vacation? Give Atlanta Georgia a try!

Looking for a great place to spend your vacation? Why not give Atlanta a try? Atlanta is known for having a great dating scene and intriguing night life. The traffic and population are a bit congested, but the numbers are in the men’s favor. It’s also rather cheap to travel to Atlanta. Atlanta Georgia is a great place to travel to for single men, but there are a few things you should know.

Here is the positive side of Atlanta:

1. Atlanta’s night life has a reputation for being unique and mysterious, and usually is referred to in a positive sense.

2. The single women exceed single men by a margin of 80,000. This is one of the largest single men to single women age gaps in the United States.

3. The food and dining in Atlanta is well rounded. There is a variety of types of food served, as well as quality of restaurant.

4. Atlanta often has tourists and travelers visiting throughout it, adding to the dating life and mysterious feel.

5. It is pretty cheap to travel to Atlanta, making it affordable to do weekend trips.

6. 6. Atlanta is abundant with shops and stores.

While Atlanta is usually viewed as a positive place to be, there are some negatives, here are the cons:

1. 1. It is the 8th most dangerous city in the world.

2. 2. Traffic on the road is constantly congested due to high population levels

3. 3. The population also causes public parks and shopping centers to have large crowds

4. 4. Atlanta dating life is seasonal, being very robust in the Summer, and almost nonexistent in the winter.

If you travel to Atlanta, plan your transportation carefully. If you don’t, you could end up stuck in traffic or worse, stranded in the city in the world.

Overall, Atlanta is exciting and unpredictable.

Map: 80,000 more single women than men in Atlanta

The variables of Atlanta can be pros if you know them, and cons if you don’t.

1. It is illegal to give other men piggy back rides

2. Shooting the Hootch means river rafting

3. Don’t bring up Michael Vick, he’s a bit of a sore subject.

4. Atlanta’s sports teams aren’t doing to well, and may be a bit of a sore spot.

This should help you avoid embarrassing yourself or getting off on the wrong foot.

Atlanta is a great place to vacation whether you’re planning a trip with friends, or spending a weekend solo. The night life as well as dating are also one of a kind, and the variety of women dispersed through Atlanta make it easy to find your type. There are plenty of adventures to made in Atlanta, go have fun and be safe use a condom.