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Austin, TX A Great Place For Singles

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Austin is the capital city of the state of Texas and the place to find mid-west hippies. Single women are abundant and believe in letting loose. Because of this the single men living or visiting Austin needs to know the pros and cons of living in this city.


More women than men

Austin is known for having the largest single men to single women gap in the United States where there are at least 75 000 more single women than single men. This gives the single men an advantage since it is simple to find a woman to date. As a single man in Austin there is likelihood that one out of every four women you meet is single and ready to date.

It’s a cosmopolitan city

One of the main qualities that make this city ideal for single men is that it endowed with beautiful women from different races. Statistics shows that even if the whites are the majority where there are almost fifty percent, there are also women from other races including Hispanics, African American, Asian, American Indian and even native Hawaiian. This provides the single men visiting or living in this city a huge selection to choose from depending on their tastes.

Great outdoor weather and exciting night life

Austin is classified as having a humid subtropical climate. This entails a very long and hot summer, transitional seasons which are warm and mild winters which are short. The night life in this city has a reputation of being mysterious and unique in a positive manner. Consequently the single people have more opportunities to meet. These factors allow tourists and travelers to come to this city almost all year round. This plays a major role in adding to the dating life especially for the single men.

Great foods

Austin also has a reputation of being amongst the top cities when it comes to serving well rounded foods. There are also high quality restaurants which serves the different recipes. These factors attract many people to this city therefore making it an ideal destination if you want to meet a chick to date.

Convenient Travel

As a single man if you are dating a girl from Austin you can easily travel in and out of this city. This is facilitated by the fact that traveling is both cheap and easy. There are many traveling options including air, rail, sea and road. Therefore, you can arrange weekend trips without having to spend a lot of money.


Busy schedules

Majority of the single women in Austin, Texas are career women and as a result they spend most of their time at work or in school. This limits the time they get to socialize and meet single men whom they can date. This is the main reason why most women find themselves single even while they are approaching their thirties since they do not get ample time to date. The only single men such women get to meet are those they work with or those they go to school with.


For a relatively long period obesity has been a major issue in Austin. Even though there have been vigorous campaigns to deal with this issue, the number of obese people has been increasing steadily. Unfortunately this is reducing the number of attractive women in this city. There are those men who do not mind dating women who are obese because of various reasons. But majority of the single men prefer dating the slim girls because they look more attractive and they are also considered to be healthier..

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