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Brazil Enough Said

Brazil is one of the few countries that you are most likely to find all kinds of beautiful women from the different human races of the world. A simple walk down a Brazilian street leaves you staring at beautiful black women, blonde white females, Asian chicks and a host of other girls of mixed races. However, Brazil has its own downsides that might not augur well with single men looking for companionship. Here is a comprehensive look at the pros and cons for single men in Brazil. Photo by Alessio Rinella on Unsplash

The Pros

-Readily Available and Willing Women

According to estimated population data for Brazil in 2016, the current female population in the country stands at 50.8% of the total population. This men population is only 49.2% of the total Brazilian population. This means that there are more women than men in Brazil. Single men looking for love in this South American country are therefore more likely to find someone to love in Brazil than when in their own countries where the ratio of women to the overall population might be less than that of men.

-Less Strong Currency

Brazil is listed among the lower income countries and therefore single men coming from countries with a stronger economy are likely to attract women who want financial favors or someone to have fun with. Although it is not morally right to take advantage of the less fortunate girls who flock Brazilian cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro looking for greener pastures, their beauty combined with your strong currency can make you win someone to love or have fun with without difficulty.

-Beautiful attractions to Visit

Single men who land in Brazil for the first time cannot fail to find somewhere to visit and successful “hunt” for the beautiful Brazilian women. The beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro are perfect examples of where you can go for a successful hunting spree for Brazilian women. Beautiful girls in bikinis throng the Rio beaches daily looking for someone to have fun with and will be more than willing to have your company if you show them signs that you need someone. Remember to dress to kill when visiting the Brazilian beaches so as to attract the most beautiful ladies around.

-Nicely Aggressive Girls

Unlike most girls in the US or Europe, Brazilian girls are more direct in accepting or rejecting someone. It will only take the first ten or fifteen minutes of your conversation for a girl in Brazil to determine whether to date you or not. If you do not see any signs of wanting things to move to another level from the girl within this period, then chances are that she is not interested in you. It is therefore important that you should move on and try to find another. This is a big benefit as it can help you save time and resources need to find someone to love or have fun with in the area.

-Simple and Highly Intelligent

An average Brazilian girl will keep the conversation highly intelligent, mainly focusing on aspects that will make your stay more enjoyable. You do not have to take her to an expensive hotel for dinner or to an expensive cinema hall for movies, just go to the beach with her and have some fun. She will appreciate every effort you make and will find no reason not to reciprocate the favors.

The Cons

-Most Women Speak Portuguese Only

Brazil was a Portugal colony in the early years even before it came to be a country on its own. The Portuguese population in the country introduced the Portuguese language that a majority of the population uses nowadays. If you can only converse in English, finding a girl in Brazil can be difficult. Unless you go to cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro where there is a high percentage of college-educated girls with good grasp in English language, having fun in the rest of the regions will require you to learn more Portuguese. This is a big disadvantage especially if you will not be staying for long or if you have noticed a girl who does not understand any other international language than Portuguese.

-The Gringo Issue

Male gringos (white men) looking for a girl to love or have fun with in Brazil are usually stereotyped as prostitute seekers who are out to exploit Brazilian women. This issue has negative effects on white men who approach ladies in Brazil. Some women might misjudge you and ignore your approach completely just because you are a gringo. So, it is therefore important to expect some backlash from stereotyped Brazilian women when you approach them for conversation.

-Not All Venues are Safe

Brazilian cities are rated among some of the most unsafe in the world. It is therefore important to check the places you visit while hunting for beautiful women in Brazil. Avoid overcrowded shanties that might be harboring dangerous gangs ready to pounce on foreigners. If possible, find someone you can trust who will keep you informed on the places to avoid in Brazil.

Hopefully, you will find these tips useful as you travel to Brazil to find beautiful women to love or have fun with. Remember that as a single man in Brazil, you will have a great variety of women to meet than when in any other Latin American country..

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