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Portland A Fun Place To Get Laid

Portland has become one of the most exciting cities in the country. This is especially the case for singles. Of the nearly 630,000 people who live in Portland, about 58 percent of them are single. Also, the median age is around 36 years. This is a popular spot for singles and could certainly be a great place to live in when looking to make a living and to find that special someone in your life. Photo courtesy of https://www.pexels.com/photo/architecture-buildings-city-city-lights-432361/

Those who are single who are interested in living in Portland and possibly finding love should look around to see what can be found out here. It is great to enjoy life in Portland but there are a few issues that you also have to look into when seeing what this place is all about.


Great For Nature

Portland is a great city that you can meet other outdoorsy-types in. Portland is located near Forest Park and is also not too far from a large gorge with added trails. The nearby forests outside the city are also great to visit during a long weekend.

Fun For Biking

Portland has been heralded as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country. Portland has a large variety of bicycle trails and paths in and around the city. This is perfect for when you’re looking to find others who enjoy a more active lifestyle.

A Good Social Space

Portland has lots of spaces that are perfect for those interested in social activities. These include a variety of great craft breweries, rock music halls and art museums. The vast variety of food trucks all around the city especially makes for something rather appealing.

An Extensive Nightlife

The nightlife in Portland is filled with all sorts of great clubs. From the Barrel Room and Holocene to the Dirty Nightclub, Portland has many clubs that cater to a variety of people. These spots are especially popular for offering many great microbrews and for offering different ways for people to meet each other.

A Sensible Value

Portland’s taxes and costs for living are not as high as they are in other places on the west coast like Los Angeles or Seattle. This should make it easier for you to enjoy a great time out when looking for singles or when you’re out on a date with someone.

The Women Are Educated

The women out in Portland are very educated and interested in developing better lives. These include women who are interested in high-tech tasks like coding and web design. This is thrilling considering how many jobs for the future are in these particular fields.


Extreme Connectivity

It’s important for you to be on your best behavior when in Portland. The city is very heavily connected by social media and various other circles. It’s easy for bad things that you do to be discussed by more people all around the city. You must watch what you are doing with other people when in Portland.

Potentially Packed

Portland has become one of the most popular places for people to move to in recent years. As a result, it has gotten to where it might be tough for you to make a name for yourself out in Portland. It might also be tougher to stand out to where you can be distinct among the other singles in the city.

Rain Can Be Tough

Portland is known to be rather rainy throughout much of the year. This can create a bit of a downcast feel at times, especially during the fall and winter when rain is more likely to occur.

Not Too Diverse

About three-quarters of the people living in Portland are white. Also, there have been stories about racial struggles within Portland, thus making it a challenging place for some people to live in. This can especially be tougher for some minorities.

Some Women Might Not Be Appealing

Men who are looking for slimmer women might struggle with finding them around Portland. This comes as many women in Portland are of size. They are happy with their bodies and never care about what others say about them. Still, this isn’t necessarily great for those who want slimmer women..

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