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Post Workout Carbs

7. Post-workout carbs

One of the final items to consider as a crucial supplement for muscle gains are post-workout carbs. Photo courtesy of https://memegenerator.net/

What are post-workout carbs?

Fast-acting glucose—aka fast-acting carbs—are any carbohydrate-based food that gets quickly absorbed into your body. A simple example of this is sugar.

Below are some more examples of fast-acting carbs:

  • Gummy Bears​

  • Bananas/other fruits

  • Candy

  • ​Pixi-sticks

Now, I’m not telling you to go eat a batch of candy after your workout—these are just examples of carbs that will hit your bloodstream in a hurry.

Why should I eat post-workout carbs?

Post-workout carbs are important for muscle gains. Let’s look at how those carbs (glucose) are used during exercise.

When you train, your body uses up ATP and glycogen—which comes from glucose—to fuel your muscle contraction. By the time you finish your workout, you’ve depleted your stores of glucose. Doing a resistance training workout that lasts 30-90 minutes will deplete 30-75 percent of the body’s glycogen levels.

After an intense workout, it’s hugely beneficial to replace those stores of glycogen. If you’re trying to build muscle, become stronger, or are training to increase your physical performance, you want to be intentional about how you replace that glycogen, so your muscles benefit the most and can recover better.

When you intake fast carbs after an intense workout, your body’s insulin levels will spike. This insulin helps drive the nutrients from your post-workout protein shake and/or post-workout meal to all the cells in your body (especially your muscle cells).

You want those nutrients to reach your muscles as quickly as possible—that way, they can get to work recovering after the muscular damage incurred during an intense workout.

By providing your body with the right raw materials it needs to repair itself, glucose and protein, protein synthesis—the process of building muscle—nu

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