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Seattle, WA

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Several recent surveys indicated that Seattle, Washington is among the loneliest cities in the US, ranking 5th, behind Philadelphia. That bad right? NO, that good! Why, because if every girl in Seattle is bored and longly you can come in and easily sweep them of their feet. If you are currently living in or considering moving to Seattle, then you will be the fun new guy that guy want to hangout with and that women want to get with. Well, thats how it worked for me, all I really did is bring a little bit of fun to each interaction. However, Seattle did get boring quick, and there are cons to living in Seattle, WA. Let's go into the pros first.


Online dating is Easy!

Online dating is a dominant practice among singles in Seattle

If you are glued to your phone 24/7 and you cannot be more than a few hours away from Social Media, you are in luck. Seattle has a large online dating pool, so you may be only a few clicks away from your next hot date. There are dozens of dating apps, which single men and women in the city use in order to meet other people. If you are adept at using these apps and you are not opposed to spending time creating an attractive online profile, this city is great for your dating life.

Women can make the first move without being regarded as slutty

Guys in Seattle do not go out of their way to ask the women they like out on a date. While some people would see this as a disadvantage, women can create a rare opportunity for themselves by making the first move. Women asking men out is neither uncommon nor frowned upon in this coffee-loving city. Since men are not too keen on making initial contact, women can be more proactive and take charge of their dating life and make informed choices in the process.

Great place to go for first, second, and even third dates!

There is never a shortage of restaurants and cafes for dates.

Seattle is home to some of the most lauded restaurants and pop-up kitchens in the US. Large chain, as well as boutique coffee shops, are also ubiquitous all around the city so you can count on the fact that there are numerous suitable places to have your first (or tenth) date.


Lay Back Dates/ No Bougie Bitches

Over the past couple of years, such activities as Beer Crawl has become an "acceptable" dating practice. This may be fine for women who are "one of the boys", this says you money. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant and spending half a weeks check, you can take your date to a bar and she'll actually prefer it.


A lot of Rainy Days

The weather can adversely affect your date/s.

Meeting someone for the first time under gray skies and an impending rain shower is never a good thing (unless you and your date have a mutual love for getting soaked in the middle of a busy street). The prevailing weather in Seattle is mostly cloudy and gloomy, which is typically not ideal for dates. You may expect a lot of cancellations due to the weather so you need to be more creative when asking someone out despite unfavorable conditions.

The Reason I moved!

In my last year in Seattle more and more men where moving to Seattle for work. The ratio of women to men in this city has go down, with more men and fewer women. There are now a lot of tech companies in Seattle, Washington, not the least of which is Amazon. This means there are a lot more single men in the city vying for the affections of fewer women. The competition has become a lot fiercer for men so they have to pull all the stops in order to make a good impression and score a second date. With that said I hope you have a clearer vision on the dating life in Seattle, WA. Give it a shot and let us know how you did in the comments below.

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