• Franz Saint-Fleur

Finland's Single Life The Pros and Cons For Traveling Men

Let’s start with Finland—a small country on the Baltic Sea. Its coastal capital, Helsinki, sits at the height of European cool. Considered one of the most educated countries in the world, Finland's school system gives other nations something to aspire to. Top that off with an abundance of gorgeous Finnish women—you're bound to find a chick with beauty and brains. It's eleventh on our list: let's start with Finland's pros.

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The Ladies Love Foreigners

Women in Finland are very open-minded when it comes to dating foreign men. In fact, the Helsinki Times reported that Finnish women prefer to date foreigners over their local male counterparts.

The trend toward dating internationally is seen in other parts of the world as well, but for a single guy looking to visit Finland, it’s great news. But remember that you’ll probably still have to make the first move.

Finland is especially attractive for this reason: its ladies’ exotic tastes aren’t limited to a single nationality. Unlike elsewhere in the world—such as some South American women who find tall & dark foreigners especially magnetic, or some Asian women who dream of the classic Scandinavian guy—Finnish girls are, happily, open to dating foreign men of all ethnic and cultural persuasions.

Sexual Expression is Normal

In Finland, the women are more liberal and open-minded about sex than you’ll find in most other European countries. They’ve grown in up a society where sexual experiences are not shameful or discouraged, and it shows in their low-key approach to sex.

According to the Helsinki Times, Finnish men do not typically approach Finnish women, leaving the ladies frustrated with the local fare—and hoping for a man who'll take the initiative. Simply by approaching a Finnish lady, you're already in a good position for the potential to hook up.


Its National Obesity

Like the US and many other Western countries, Finland is currently facing higher obesity rates, affecting both men and women. Obesity has been linked to many other health issues, but it goes without saying that it also affects people’s attractiveness.

It’s a Seasonal Destination

Finland is a northern country. The summers are beautiful and green, and the winters are—well—cold. For many men, this might be a deterrent. But if you’re a hardy Northern type, a winter trip to Finland could provide both romance and adventure. The city nightlife doesn’t stop for cold weather, and if you’re at a ski chalet, the snow bunnies will always out in droves. Finland is also known for its incredible saunas—which are almost always nude—and the Northern Lights, which can only be seen during the darker times of the year. But if tropical islands are your happy place, consider the season carefully before planning a trip.

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