• Franz Saint-Fleur

5 Jedi Mind Tricks To Control Groups

You don't need a mastery of The Force to make these tricks work—just a simple understanding of human nature.

1- Buy the first round in a bar—and get the rest of your drinks for free!

If you're in a group of three or four people, making the first move to buy a round of drinks can save you money over the course of the night. After that initial investment, you can go multiple rounds without paying a dime because everyone you bought for now owes you one. And as more time passes, as more people join your group, and your companions become increasingly inebriated, it'll be all the easier to get drinks out of them.

2- Set a trap for a liar

If you think someone’s being false with you, ask them a Volatile Conundrum type of question.

Here's an example: let's say you have suspicions your boyfriend or girlfriend wasn't where they said they were. Maybe they told you they went to the store, but you believe they went out with their friends instead. You think up a false incident at the store, or en route to it, that they would have encountered had they truly done what they said—and of course, if it had actually happened. Upon their arrival home, you say, “Babe—I’m glad you’re home safe! Which store did you go to?” When they answer, you pretend to panic. “What!” you exclaim. “When were you there?!” Again, when they answer, you act alarmed. “I heard on the news that there was a fire at that store, and a cashier was injured!” At this point, you give them enough rope to hang themselves with if they were indeed lying. A liar will hesitate, or even go along with your wild tale.

But if they are honest, they'll say, "What?! There wasn't a fire at that store when I was there!"

3- Hold your audience on the edge of their seats


A unique and useful way to get people hooked into your storytelling is to use this powerful technique: Carefully delivered silence. Adding suspenseful pauses builds emotional impact and tension. Your listeners will be waiting with bated breath for the next part of the story. Every good musical composer knows that the rests are just as important as the notes—the same principal works for storytelling. Silence adds to your narrative by making the words you do speak that much more impactful.

4- Interrupt a dull story

If someone is droning on about something unimportant or uninteresting, or the group's attention has wandered elsewhere, and you'd like to bring the conversation back to a focal point (like yourself), try this not-so-subtle trick—pull out your phone and yell "selfie time!" You'll grab the attention of the photogenic folks around you immediately.

5- Deliberately misinterpret to keep things playful

This is one of my favorite things to do when I'm interacting with women, whether informally or on a date. Purposefully misinterpreting something she says is a great way to infuse sexuality into the conversation. If she says, “You’re pretty cool—what do you do for a living?” I respond with a mischievous, “Listen—stop flirting with me to get me into bed with you. I’m not that easy, no matter what my friends say!” This kind of fun, flirtatious response can playfully turn the talk to more sexual subjects.

Another way to utilize this tactic is reframing an insult into a compliment. When a woman tells me, “That’s an ugly shirt,” I might retort, “Thanks! You really think it looks good? Cool.”

Misinterpretation is a powerful tool to throw other people off their rote responses, making conversations more lively, playful, and flirtatious.

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