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Miami Where the Players Play

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Miami needs no introduction—its reputation speaks for itself. The city is famous around the world for its wild parties, beautiful women, tropical weather, and frequent celeb sightings. A single man can have a lot of fun in Miami—but even this city has its limitations.

In the Pro-Miami Column…

One of the party capitals of the world, you can find a party here seven days a week. From the nightlife to the beach, there’s always someplace to go to have a great time and meet some gorgeous women.

The Women

I’ve met a lot of ladies in the city here for whom their time in Miami was their first experience in the States. Miami plays home—or vacation spot—to lots of the beautiful, rich, & sometimes famous. There’s even the potential to flip the gender norms, meeting & hooking up with ladies who’ll buy YOU drinks all night.

But the city can be tricky. Miami is flashy and bold, and its women can be materialists—that is, difficult to connect with on any deeper level than money, wealth, and social status. These women are usually gorgeous—total 10s—and live in or near South Beach or Downtown. But instead of throwing yourself at some unattainable rich girl, and striking out, let me recommend a better route…

"Hidden Gems”

In the inner city of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, there's treasure to be found. I call the women you can find here "Hidden Gems." Still total knockouts, but not materialistic. These gorgeous, down-to-earth ladies are usually more fun than their downtown counterparts—think “Girl Next Door”

While many of the women who live and play in the South Beach or Downtown areas have attained their attractiveness through surgical means, the "hidden gems" are naturally beautiful. Besides, the clubs and bars further from South Beach / Downtown proper are more affordable and, in my opinion, more fun.

The Nightlife

That’s not to say the clubs in South Beach / Downtown aren’t fun—they represent a great place to party. But a little back knowledge about the different vibes of the various parts of the city will help you choose the right place to spend time in. In my travels, I’ve spent lots of time in Miami—and of the two best moments I ever had, one took place in Downtown, one in Fort Lauderdale. Goes to show that you can find a very good time in or near Miami, no matter where you go.

The Culture

If you love Latin Culture but don’t want to leave the country, Miami is the place to go. The cultural blend is unique and vibrant. A large Cuban population is just the beginning—there are pockets of cultures from all over Central and South America and the Caribbean. From food to music and dancing, there’s a huge variety of Latin flavors to infuse your Miami experience.

In the Con-Miami Column…

While Miami is overwhelmingly a fantastic place to visit, I do want to point out a few potential pitfalls.

It’s Not Cheap

The cost of living in Miami is high. Which means the cost of partying is not cheap at all. Similar to NYC, Miami has a high price tag.

It’s smoker-friendly

Depending on your personal persuasion, this could be a pro or a con. But if you’re not a smoker, the prevalence of secondhand cigarette smoke in Miami bars will annoy you.

It’s Materialistic

From spoiled rich kids to stuck-up women, there are a lot of Miamians who have ridiculously high standards for their wealth and appearances. I had a friend whose cousin—a Miami girl—who would only date a man if he owned a Bentley. Her reasoning? Her family only drives Bentleys, and that’s all she’s used to. She had an arrogant attitude and acted rudely toward anyone she perceived as making less money than her family. Its people can be a bit… rude. My friend’s cousin is a lot like a of Miamians who live in south beach… rude without knowing they are being rude. It’s a common conception that New Yorkers are rude, but my experience has been that Miami is home to many entitled and impolite people.

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