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Thailand: The Pros and Cons For Single Male Traveling to Bangkok

Thailand is truly made for partying. The cheap cost of living, tropical surroundings, and open-minded women all weight the “pros” column heavily—I’ve tried to narrow the list to some key points.

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Pros The Disneyland of Sex

If you’re looking to hook up with chicks the same night you meet them, Thailand is one of the easiest places to achieve. Thai women are friendly and easy going, and the conversation can easily lead into a date, or even straight to sex. The ladies are submissive, culturally, which makes for a very interesting experience in the bedroom. They like to please those who are emotionally close to them—this translates into liking to please their man. Thai women are loving and understanding.

Make no mistake: just because Thai women are acquiescent and thoughtful to your needs does NOT mean you can approach them, or even talk to them, in an aggressive manner. Thai women admire a man who comes off as a respectful, confident gentleman.

Cost of Living is Rock Bottom Cheap!

You can show a lady a VERY good time, like a true balla, taking her on a luxurious date without emptying your wallet. The exchange rate for Americans and most Europeans is crazy affordable, and the local ladies will notice your courtesy in paying for things. The best part is that most women would also be happy going on a low-key date, or even just for drinks.

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Cons It’s Fucking Hot

Thailand’s heat can be brutal—especially because it’s typically also very humid. And because of this heat…

You Can Get Food Poisoning

Thailand’s lack of widespread refrigeration—and general cleanliness standards—are not the best. Food poisoning is extremely common for tourists here, so be very careful about where and when you eat. A friend of mine told me “never drink the water, consume the ice, or eat soup in the early morning or late at night. Too early in the morning, and the water hasn't been boiled long enough to kill germs. Late at night, the soup most likely has been left out in the open all day.” And make sure you try to eat at establishments where the food is not displayed outside, in the sun and heat.

Too Many Hoes

A major con in Thailand is it's widespread prostitution. Some Thai ladies who are working girls will tell you up front, or make it very obvious that they're on the job. But some girls harbor a belief that because you're a foreigner, you'll have money—and should give it to them. They might sleep with you simply to see if they can pressure you to give them money afterward.

Watch Out for LadyBoys Thailand is uniquely known for its ladyboys. These are former/current men, sexually, who get (usually cheap) plastic surgery to make themselves appear feminine. They can often be more attractive than women, and next to impossible to tell apart on the street, so be careful. And apart from wanting to avoid sleeping with one, you should also maintain your courtesy for safety purposes: some champion Thai fighters have sex changes in order to compete in the women's league. I can't stress enough the importance of being polite and careful.

The STD/STI Rate is High

The final con on our list for Thailand goes hand in hand with its very sexual culture and prevalence of prostitution. Because of the many working girls (and boys), and how easy it is to find free love in the country, its rates of STIs and STDs are pretty high—especially in Bangkok.

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