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Colombia!!!! A Most Go To Place For Single Men

Colombia is by far my favorite country—and not only because of its incredible women. The Colombian lifestyle is magnetic, and it’s not uncommon for travelers here to dream of putting down roots as an expat. If like me, you love a healthy & fit lifestyle, local hospitality, the perfect mix of city and country, and of course, amazing women—attractive, friendly, and NOT needy—than Colombia should be on your shortlist.

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I've been to Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Medellin. In the coming months, I'll be flying into Bogota, and then on to Pereira, followed by a weeklong stay in Quindío. Two months of travels in Colombia in 2017—it should be obvious that I love this particular South American country. I go to visit family, as well as explore the nation and its beautiful people.

While Colombia tops my list of best countries to visit, you should consider a few things you might love—or hate—about it before booking that flight.


Its affordable and comfortable living style

Photo courtesy of https://makeameme.org/memegenerator For a single man or woman, the cost of living and the Colombian lifestyle is the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world*. *(Yes, the Philippines or Thailand are much more inexpensive—in fact, you can live like a king in Thailand on its crazy US exchange rate. $500 can get you through two months of travel). However, Thailand’s weather is ungodly hot. Food poisoning is prevalent, as are STIs. And the Philippines are subjected to hurricanes, making it possibly dangerous. All that said, back to Colombia…)

You can live in a penthouse with a maid, eating the fresh fruit delivered to you and home-cooked meals prepared for you each day. You can enjoy a gym membership to a Colombian franchise that's equal to (and maybe better than, in my opinion) Gold's Gym. You can party like a rockstar for a weekend. And all this for less than what an average US McDonald's employee might make in a month. Seriously—this is an incredibly affordable country, where a lavish lifestyle comes cheap for American travelers.

Its beautiful—and available—population of ladies. Colombia boasts a high proportion of gorgeous women. The average woman in Colombia is naturally in better physical shape than her North American counterpart. Most women care about their appearances, making sure their hair and nails are well-kept, but not going overboard like some ladies in part of Europe. Most Colombian women are well-educated and courteous, which makes conversing with them a pleasant experience. Because of the combination of these factors, the average Colombian women might seem hotter than a typical woman from back home.

It should be said that not ALL of this country’s ladies are drop-dead gorgeous, and I’ve experienced a male tendency to over-hype the female beauty in certain countries like Brazil and Colombia. Overall, though, you will see a lot of beauty here. If you’ve heard rumors that Colombian women, like Brazilians, all get plastic surgery, that claim is also overblown.

There are a few cities in Colombia known for their plastic girls—aka girls with fake boobs and artificial ass. You can usually find these plastic babes around Cali, Bogota, and Medellin, but mostly the country at large has gained an undeserved stereotype, no different than one which pigeonholes American women as fake based on the populations of Miami and Hollywood. In general, the women in Colombia will be beautiful, but not perfect, and natural, not fake.


Watch Out for the Date Rape Drug…

Colombian partiers sometimes encounter a scary drug called scopolamine, also called hyoscine. Imagine a roofie on steroids. In its benign forms, the drug is used to treat motion sickness, as well as to decrease nausea and

vomiting after a surgical operation. But its effects can also be harnessed for less-than-savory ends. In the early 1900s, it was used as a "truth serum" for government interrogations. And in Colombia, it's often used to facilitate robberies, kidnappings, and sexual assault. Someone who has been given this drug may lose their self-awareness and be easily controlled by another person, willingly doing whatever they're told. If you're drugged with scopolamine, you might empty your bank account or rob your own house at someone else's request—and be perfectly happy to do so.

Its Guerilla Crime. Colombia has become much safer in recent years than it used to be, but there is still an ongoing war between guerillas—also known as the FARC, or Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, or in English, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the People’s Army—and the paramilitary and government forces. The violent conflict has been ongoing since 1964, and in some of the mountainous, rural regions of Colombia, the FARC holds power. This means that occasionally, people traveling the country by bus could get robbed, or kidnapped.

Gold diggers Just one more negative thought to give you pause about Colombia: I’ve run into a lot of gold diggers there. There are some women just after your bank account and the relatively posh lifestyle it brings them when they’re with you. These girls exist everywhere, but Colombia seemed to have them in droves.

The next country on my list that every single men should visit is the Dominican Republic. Read about the why it's next on my list here.

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