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LA Is It Really A Great City For Single Men?

LA is the city of celebrities, nightclubs, and beautiful women with dreams of catching their big break. Sometimes touted as the “new” New York, the City of Angels is full of creatives and visionaries who love to have a good time. Consider the sprawling city something on the scale of an entirely separate world, complete with a unique mix of individuals. What should you consider when eyeing LA for your party destination?

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Its Abundance of Talented (and Sexually Liberated) Women

LA is a magnet for people hoping to get famous in front of the camera. From modeling to movies, there’s a dream for everyone, most of them working day jobs at bars or diners in between their auditions. Because there are SO many beautiful and talented women, most of them yet to move out of the minor leagues in their career, the ones you meet tend to be relatively humble for two reasons: 1) they are one in a sea of gorgeous faces and 2) fate hasn’t yet smiled upon them and the lack of success means they’re not overly confident or arrogant.

These beautiful women, not yet famous, are easy to find in ordinary places. Striking up a conversation is no sweat—just like it'd be with the girl next door. And many of these girls are up-and-comers—or rookies—in the adult entertainment business. Just like the girls hoping to get famous in a traditional acting career, they're easy to talk to and usually unpretentious.

You Can Party with Celebs

Because of its abundance of talent and creativity—new actors, underground musical acts, models just beginning to get gigs, wannabe directors—the party scene is fresh, inventive, and fashioned to impress. LA has some of the best parties on the planet.

Its Eclectic Mix of Cultures

The unique blend of Latin and East Asian cultures gives off an incredible vibe in Los Angeles. If Mexico and the Philippines had a love child, it would be LA.

Proximity to... Everything.

This is a unique benefit that not many destinations can boast. It’s location near such a variety of California cities and activities mean there is truly something for everyone. Beach bum? Take a quick trip to San Diego. Skier? Head to Lakeshore. Take an outdoor shower underneath a flowing waterfall? That too is only a short car ride away—all in addition to the cultural hub of the city itself.


Its Traffic and Transportation

Unlike the easy transportation in New York City, LA is not set up for public transit—you’ll have to take a taxi or drive everywhere you go, and Los Angeles is big. 503 square miles, to be exact. With more than 3 million people, every one of those square miles gets filled up with traffic. Even with LA’s public transportation system, a commute you planned for 30 minutes can take hours.

Its Terrible Pollution

Breathing the LA air is NOT a crisp, clean, refreshing experience—you can feel your lungs getting clogged with smog with every breath. In summer 2016, the city experienced some of its worst air pollution in years—June saw only four days with a "healthy air" designation across, and the local hospital saw a 10-15% uptick in emergency room admissions.

Its High Cost of Living

Like most big cities, it’s expensive to live there. With so many people in LA, the cost of goods and services go up—to live in Los Angeles, you gotta be on your grind.

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