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Dominican Republic The Good and The Bad

Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic—Republica Dominicana or DR—is half of a beautiful island in the Caribbean. The country is known for their vibrant music and dancing and, of course, their beautiful women—a single man visiting the DR will get to experience feeling completely surrounded by gorgeous females.

Cheap food and a low cost of living, combined with attractive local ladies, make the Dominican Republic a great place to get away from the 9-to-5 grind.

Pros Its Low Cost of Living and Partying.

The DR is very affordable for a visiting traveler. Relative to American standards, their cost of living is extremely low, with a monthly salary around $500 ($23,200 DR pesos.) A full weekend of unadulterated live-the-dream partying could cost you $200-300—keep in mind that’s if you’re also buying drinks and food for a friend the whole time.

If the club-style nightlife isn’t your scene, there are plenty of great local bars, serving up refreshing drinks, playing great Afro-Caribbean music, and hosting a dancing crowd.

Its Sexually Empowered Females

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I say this with the utmost respect: the Dominican people have a big sexual appetite. The men have a bad—but sometimes well-earned—reputation for sleeping around and being unfaithful. So it’s common for the women to look for other options… such as a foreigner who might not cheat on them, who’ll treat them well. Some ladies even hope to be scooped out of their unfortunate living circumstances by a Prince Charming.

Yes, that's where you come in. Dominican women are not shy about sex, as long as you act respectfully, and don't shame them because of it. For a single man traveling in the DR, it's all too easy to become a serious Casanova.

Its Naturally Beautiful Women

Half of Dominicans are female—Dominicanas. However, the ratio of beautiful, available women in the DR is even better—around 5 ladies for every guy. Your odds are good. Remember to consider the percentages of attractive, available women in a country or region, not merely the man-woman split. I’ve always found it easy to talk to—and set up dates with—Dominicanas, evening scheduling five dates in a single day.

Cons The Gringo Tax.

This doesn't just apply to gringos, but to everyone buying goods and services in the Dominican Republic. The locals might cut each other better deals, or they might be sophisticated hagglers, but people will try to overcharge you for everything.

For example, a 10-minute taxi ride shouldn't cost more than $5-7, but the driver will likely try to weasel you out of $15-25! The price of nearly everything should be negotiated before you agree to it. This problem seems worst on the beach, where they know to target travelers and non-locals. It frequently seems as though someone tries to hustle you every five minutes. From food to homemade jewelry, people will constantly attempt to sell you things. What you’re about to read is absolutely true, and highlights how ridiculous some of these DR hustles can get.

A friend and I were walking down the beach, and a shoe shiner stopped us, offering to shine my friend’s sneakers. He declined, but as we walked away, the shoe shiner stopped me to ask if I would like a shoe shining. I had on flip flops. Thinking he might not have noticed that my shoes weren't worthy of a shine, I pointed down, saying "It's okay. I'm just wearing flip flops." Without missing a beat, he replied, "Yes, and for $5 I can clean them." I was astounded. $5 to wipe the sand off my flip flops, on a sandy beach, before I continue my walk in the sand? This particular instance was an easy rip-off to spot, but be on guard for sleazy stuff like it—people trying to hustle you out of money is the biggest scam in the DR.

It’s Many Gold-Diggers Every country has them, but the Dominican Republic takes it to a new level. I usually meet women online in the country I’ll be visiting a few weeks before my departure. Women from the DR would message me first. Once I replied, it wasn’t uncommon that their next move was to ask if I’d be their boyfriend, and if so, could I send money for her to look pretty for me when I arrived.

I’ve had women send me nudes, the text reading, “Papi, can you send money so I can get my hair done?” Damn, mami¸ I should text back—I’m not even on the island yet. Sometimes they’ll straight up ask you to help them pay a bill, without even fronting much sexual interest. Not all Dominicanas are like this, but it happens frequently enough that the shameless gold-diggers give the honest girls a bad rep.

Its Corrupt Cops

The Dominican police are notoriously crooked. If you need help from law enforcement, be prepared to pay them a bribe first. It's usually not the end of the world, but I wouldn't recommend calling the police unless necessary.

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