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Sweden Pros and Cons For Single Men

Sweden sits near the top of the globe, where it’s home to both long, dark winters and Midsummer sunlit midnights. Similar to Finland in location, culture, and the ratio of men to women, Sweden is a good destination for single foreign men.

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Sweden is an intelligently designed country, known for such minimalism and simple efficiency that it might appear the nation itself was engineered by Apple. And there are more females than males living within its borders. Its capital, Stockholm, has a reputation for an abundance of beautiful women. Consider the factors which might draw you to the country, or make you look elsewhere for a trip…


Its Women Aren’t Ashamed of Sex

Women in Sweden, especially in the capital of Stockholm, are more liberal than much of the rest of Europe—and even more so than in many parts of the US. This means the women are more likely to be open about their sexuality. “Sleeping around” doesn’t carry a

negative connotation, and female Swedes don’t take offense to one-night stands.

The Ladies Date with an Open Mind

While Scandinavian women have an archetype (or stereotype) of blonde hair and blue eyes, the kinds of men they might date are far more varied. You’ll see lady Swedes keeping romantic company with guys from all parts of the world.

The Women are Friendly

For most single guys, we don't always want a complicated chase. So, approachable girls are a big bonus to any country. Sweden unquestionably boasts this feature—the fact that its women are so friendly makes it much easier to meet and hold a conversation with them; now, you take it from there.


Cute, But Not THAT Cute

I’ve found guys tend to over-exaggerate the beauty of Swedish women. Yes, they are, for the most part, very attractive. But not every woman in the country fits that mold. For every 8 or 9, you’ll find an equal proportion of 5s or 6s. I’d classify almost half the female population as okay-looking, but not gorgeous.

Fewer Beautiful Single Women

Half the population of Sweden is male—and many of its truly gorgeous chicks are taken. The true proportion of attractive, available women is closer to 25%.

It Get Extremely Cold

Sweden is beautiful when is warm but there winter time can be tough. Walking for 3 feet of snow just to go to a nightclub is not that appealing compare to walking on a warm sandy beach to a nightclub. I can get the same experience if partying in 3 feet of snow, without paying for an expensive plan ticket by just visiting Boston.

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