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Dominican Wifey / Patiently Waiting

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

When I got the message that Mariana was 15 minutes away. I felt a rush of excitement flow through my vain because I was fucking horny, I haven’t had sex in a month. The previous night wasn’t what I was expecting, the girl I met in the club was no good, and she had no bedroom skills whatsoever and it left me really disappointed. While waiting for Mariana in my friend’s Airbnb, I peeped through the window to see the view of the ocean and the palm trees. This was our second day in the Dominican Republic, and it wasn’t our first visit here, Jay and I came here some years back. Jay stayed in the same apartment complex we used during our first visit. Although, this time around Te came along with us. He hadn’t been to the DR before, but we had gone to Colombia together. Colombia was one interesting adventure, as a result he was eager to travel again. Dominican Republic was the best place to start. We had been chatting with different girls online via dating website for some weeks now. I had a couple of them willing to meet up with me, but I was really fond of one of them as we have been talking a lot. It was a daily ritual at night, we started by messaging online, to texting on WhatsApp, then we migrated to phone calls. Mariana, was a beautiful dark skin girl. I sat down reminiscing of the naked picture she sent me and her dark skin glowed with an even tone. Her soft tender skin had captured every bit of my imagination, and the only thing I could think of at that moment was the sound of her voice moaning ecstasy.

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I was fantasizing about Mariana while the girl next to me was trying to get my attention. Jay had invited Rena and her friends over but I hadn’t attached much importance to them. Te was already fucking one of Rena’s friends in the room. They were pro hookers from the looks of it, very beautiful hoes I must add. I and my friend call them pros, I have nothing against my friends fucking hookers but I personally enjoy the thrill of the chase. I love the thrill of a romantic conquest. Hookers provided none of such adrenaline rush. The hookers were Rena, her cousin Julianna and their friend Elizabeth. They made the four hour journey from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana to fuck for the cash. They have the option to stay in Santo Domingo and fuck there, but in Punta Cana they could get someone to pay 4 times more for their services. Jay and I met Rena and Julianna from our last adventure to the DR, it didn’t occur to me that they were hookers until we came across them again on this trip.

I didn’t fuck them on our first trip but Jay did. He slept with Rena without paying a dime the first time we were in DR. She loved sex and decided to give him a freebie, afterwards they kept in touch. It appeared to me like she wanted to use Jay as her ticket out of the Dominican Republic and into the United States. Jay was too clever for that, he offered to pay her to fuck Te. It was his welcome to DR present. Te had no problem whatsoever paying money to fuck a hoe and so he occupied the three of them. The hungry hookers wanted more money, so they offered Te a discount for a threesome and oh boy! He did enjoy the offer. It was a sex marathon you could feel the whole apartment vibrating endless from the thrust and thumping sound coming from Te and the girls, the scene was every bit like what you see in porn movies, this movie was called “Sex hungry Te and the hoes.” (It sounds like a TV show on adult swim) I stayed in a different apartment complex about 10 minutes away. It was a 5 minute walking distance from the beach. I wanted separate apartment so I could be alone with Mariana and be far away from household erotica.

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My mornings were spent at the beach while Jay and Te go on a fucking spree at their place. I really don’t fancy such and also I am not into Rena and her cousin. They seem like hoes who would fuck a foreigner in the hope of getting pregnant so they could milk him for child support or for marriage. I had fun at the beach and met some really cool people. Mariana was due to arrive anytime soon. She stays in La Romana which is about 3 hours by bus to Punta Cana. She was making the journey all the way down to see me. This isn’t the first time a woman would travel all the way down to spend time with me, most of them tend to have family members around so if it doesn’t work out they could have a place to crash. As for Mariana she didn’t have family in Punta Cana. So, I had to be sure I had my A game on because It could be a set up. I got back home and began preparation. We were in constant communication, I was texting her continuously while I got ready. Once I was through with my preparation, I headed to Jay’s place to get the bottle of rum he bought for me. I wasn’t interested in their fuck marathon, not as result of my high moral standards, which I didn’t have much of. I just wasn’t up for it. A few blocks away from Jay’s place, I could hear music blasting everywhere, the playlist changing from Jada Kiss to Aventura. Jay was Hispanic while Te was African American, so my guess was they were taking turns selecting the music the same way they took turn fucking the hoes.

I banged the door yelling “Policia” one of the hookers peeped through the blinds to see who was at the door, from her looks I could really tell she was really scared that it truly was the cops. She opened the door and shoved me jokingly, we said “Hola” to each other as I walked into the building. I sat on the couch and I could hear the moan of the chick Te was fucking, her sound was loud and I could tell she was enjoying every bit of his dick inside of her. Jay walked out with Julianna around his arm. Elizabeth sat close to me, trying to seduce me with her eyes, but I wasn’t going to be persuaded into fucking her. I asked Jay where my bottle of rum was, and he pointed to the kitchen. I stood up to go get a drink and Liz followed me while grabbing my waist in the process. She had a very sexy voice, whispering into my eyes, “Papi, don’t you want to fuck me…?” this was a rhetorical question, in fact it was more of a sexual statement as she could feel my muscular body close to her. I have experienced this trick a couple of times and these hoes are pros. All she was after is for me to spend my cash on her. The idea behind her grabbing me was to feel me up and find my wallet. At the same time the grab was to try to seduce me into fucking her, and if she wasn’t successful with that, she would move on to pick my wallet. I had been to 15 different countries and had experience firsthand pick pocketing and being robbed. A friend of mine in Italy has shown me how she and her friends pick pocket and trick men. So, I was aware of most of the tricks involved and hence knew where to hide my money. Let me give you a pro tip, first of all, hide your money in your socks, deep and close to your toes, also go around with two different wallets. One would serve as the decoy wallet you can keep it inside your pant pocket while the other which would serve as your real wallet would be kept inside your boxerbriefs near your balls.

“No mami” was my response as I was looking at the bottle Jay had got for me. I poured myself a drink and sat close to Liz. The lovebirds Juliana and Jay sat on the love seat very close to each other. We all conversed for a bit, the conversation went sexual in no time as the hookers viewed me as their new ticket to wealth. I joked and teased them sexually, describing some of my intimate sexual fantasies with them, how I once had a threesome licking on some pussy while getting head at the same time. Now, Rena comes out of the room with nothing but a towel, my mind drifted a bit to what was underneath the towel, was it a set of firm or sagging boobs? Before I could finish my thought, Rena drops her towel on purpose, although she pretended to make it look like an accident. “Oops.” Was the only word she could utter. She then began to walk around the towel in a dramatic way just to pick it up. She did it just to so I could have a full glance at her body, showing me her nakedness. I must admit the combination of her ass, pussy lips and legs made the perfect heart shape. A wet and beautiful heart shape that I wanted to enter. I could imagine getting lost in between that heart shape combination. I could picture her seating on top of me and having her pussy suffocating my cock. Rena also had very lovely skin, not the kind I had seen before, a perfect blend of caramel and chocolate skin, curly dark hair that flows down to her shoulders, sexy curvy body, and a very beautiful ass. The last time we were here, Rena was 19 but now she is 22 and her feminine features fully formed. At 22 Rena was already a pro hooker aka a ProHo, she knew all the skills required to make it in the game. “She could literally fuck you till your brains dropped” Jay told me later. She had told Jay she was 16 when she started out. She actually knew what she was doing and she was trying to put her cousin on. She sat close to me asking me which of them I would love to fuck. I laughed it off and stood up to looking outside. My mind started wondering about Mariana, that was when her message came in. “I’m 15 minutes away, see you soon.” After day dreaming about her for while I heard Rena calling me, I figured she was a little pissed that I ignored her. She had a very high success rate when it came to dealing with foreigners. I told her I was good but she wasn’t having any of it. During our battering back and forth, I looked down at my feet and noticed one of my shoe wasn’t laced up properly. As lifted my leg on top the couch to tie it she came close and grabbed my dick through my shorts. My cock was a little hard as a result of all the sex talk and day dreaming about Mariana. She started stroking my dick while the other hoes looked on. “Papi, you’re making really wet. I want to fuck real bad and feel your manly cock inside of Me.” That caught me off guard and left me speechless. There was a rush of blood from my brain down to my dick. I was really horny, my dick was about to let me down he was eager to dip himself into the wet juicy pussy calling him but I had to exercise self-control. I knew it was a matter of time before I fucked Mariana so all I had to do was to be patience. I pushed her away telling her I wanted to fuck her but I had a girlfriend I was expecting. All the other girls burst into a feet of laughter. They were amused to hear that I had a girlfriend in the DR. I responded with “Yes, a potential girlfriend.” I then explain to them in a sarcastic way that she was the kind of woman that wants you for who you are and not your money. I burst out laughing because the other girls were offended but Rena wasn’t. She kept on pushing me to fuck her. After some back and forth, Te asked me to help him decode a message he got in Spanish from a Tinder match. “It pretty much said that she wants hook up with you tonight. Here give me the phone and I’ll text her a location” I told him. At that point, Jay came out of his room in new clothes and asked us if we were hungry, and of course we all were. The girls wanted to eat but they didn’t want to get short changed as well. They obviously made some cash from Jay and Te but it was enough as they were paid at a discount because Jay and Rena are friends. Punta Cana is full of gringos who are willing to pay a lot more than the regular price just to fuck for just 30 minutes.

Mariana call comes in, informing me she was already at the bus stop which was about 4 minutes from my apartment, I told her out of excitement that I would be there in five minutes. I pleaded with Rena to give me a lift on her bike, as I got on her bike Rena’s whispers into my eyes if Mariana didn’t satisfy me, I could come back to fuck her and she would help me cum twice in under 30 minutes and for half the price. The offer sounded really enticing, I told her I was going to think about it. She responded with the assurance that I would as she could feel by cock through my shorts. When we got to the bus stop, I was looking round for Mariana, suddenly I saw her. Her face was dark and very smooth like the night sky. She looked soft and innocent, she was prettier in person than in pictures. She had big brown wide eyes, a straight but small nose and a pretty smile full of pearly white teeth. Her breast were small enough to fit into my palms, just the way I loved them. She had a flat stomach and very wide hips, the perfect our glass shape. But it was her ass that really caught my attention. She had tight beautiful bubble butt and the perfect legs to match. I could see her hour glass shape through her clothes, she was had on a light cloth sweat pants, a small t-shirt and a bandanna holding up her wear. She wore the right clothes for her trip to make her feel comfortable. She recognized me the moment she set her eyes on me. We both shy initially waiting for the first person to say hi to one another. After a few moment I grabbed her hands and she said hi to me. I pulled her close to me and gave her a big hug, I could feel her soft succulent breast on my chest, the vibes vibrated downwards to my cock. Junior had got the message. I held her hands and took her to my apartment, I figured she was a bit nervous and scared. She made the 4 hour journey to see, we had spoken every night prior to her arrival and now we were standing close to each other. I had already agreed to dinner with Jay and Te and I intended to take Mariana with me.

An Hour Later

We arrived a little late to the restaurant, Jay and Te were waiting for us. This was our favorite restaurant in Bavaro, we had dinner here last night and the waiter was fantastic as well the meal. All this at a price cheaper than the other tourist restaurants. The waiter recognized us immediately we stepped in, we all dined and wined together, laughing and having a good time. Mariana stood up to use the rest room, Jay found the moment he was waiting for to comment about her beauty and sexiness. Te was bewildered, he felt all the pretty girls in the DR were all hookers who you had to pay to fuck. This was an ignorant assumption, although there are a lot of hookers available in the DR. There are many women who come from good responsible homes, most of them well taken care off by their parents. Mariana comes from one of such families, they own one of the small cabanas in La Romana. Her family is well to do although the source of some of their wealth comes from illegal lottery schemes. After a while, Jay and Te left us alone while we stayed back to have a few more drinks. It was a wonderful evening. The waiter served us some oysters. "Oysters are known to be very powerful aphrodisiac that keeps a guy wanting more." I told her and she smiled, her response was that she doesn’t think she needed to seduce me after what had happened back at my place. We both laughed and reminisced about what had happened earlier.

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An hour before

Mariana was nervous when she got to my apartment, I could sense this, and so I tried my best to make her feel at ease and relaxed. I told her to keep her things in the closet while I changed into something suitable for the night. I took of my clothes while she starred at my athletic body, I always try to keep fit most especially before I jet off on vacation. I could see her eyes bulging as she looked on. I knew she liked what she was seeing so I offered her a towel so she could get dressed as well. I drew her close to me while I told her to get dressed quickly because I was famished and was eager to get something to eat. I put my lips close to her neck while I whispered the words to her, I could sense she was beginning to feel aroused and was waiting for me to kiss her lips but instead of obliging her request, I nibbled on her neck a little bit. Her heart was beating faster, I could see the goose pimples all over her body. I licked my lips to give it a wet feeling, I could sense she was dripping down there. I proceeded to kiss her lips and she reciprocated by biting me slowly, gradually increasing the tempo. I carried her up and placed her on top of the dresser, taking her shirt off and kissed her on the breast. She interrupted me insisting I leave her bra on. It was a strange request but I obliged all the same. I drew her neck with one hand and pulled her lips close to mine. I told her to kiss me on the neck and she did as she got really wet, it was raining cat and dogs around her pussy. I feel her pussy was really soaked at this point. The next command I gave her was for her to take my belt off. She compiled and I could see the surprise on her face as I had no underwear on. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. She was still wearing her panties. Her next instruction was for her to grab my dick and stroke it hard, very hard like she wanted it inside her wet dripping pussy. One thing I have come to realize is that some women want you to give them command and show them you are in charge. Start slowly building it up gradually as you move on. This helps to build sexual interaction and reduce LMR (last minute resistance) making her a willing and active participant. Some commands are meant to turn her on. Like telling her to play with herself. At this point she took her pant off and revealed a clean shaven, cute pussy. A pussy that was perfectly shaped around the lips, hers was very tight but also very wet. The wetness of the pussy could be seen running down through her legs. As she started playing with her pussy, the wetness soon covered the whole area previously occupied by her panties. As she continued to pleasure herself, I used the opportunity to put on a condom. As I was about penetrating through into the pool of moisture. I could feel a sense of hesitation on her part. I kissed her on the neck to ease her mind then I finally went in full throttle. She was damn tight and wet simultaneously, she was as tight as they come, and you could mistake her for being a virgin. I was on top her gradually increasing my strokes as I went on. The bed began to move and hit the wall. The noise emanating from the room was so loud in addition to her moan which began to sound like she was scared. I picked her up gently while still inside of her and laid her on the couch. It was at this point she dug her small and equally sharp nails into my back. I usually enjoy the pain during sex, this enables me to dig inside of her deeper and deeper. She screamed “Fuck!!!” and I could feel her wetness all over my legs. She began to utter words in Spanish that I had no recollection of. All I could remember was that I pulled her short black hair as I pumped my final strokes, I was hitting home stretch. I came really hard and could tell she had cum a while back. Once it was all over we laid on the couch trying to grasp our breath it was at this point I told her we needed to get ready to meet up with my friends.

Memories of Mariana still lingers on in my mind since my trip. I do miss her at some point, she was a fun loving and innocent woman. The distance between us was so much and I had no plans of bringing her to the States. It’s not something I do. We spent about four days together in Punta Cana before I, Jay and Te headed down to Santo Domingo. Mariana was with me on the bus trip to Santa Domingo. She stayed in La Romana which was just a stop before Santo Domingo. She asked if she could come pay me a visit in Santo Domingo, I told her I would let her know when I was sure of my schedule as I had other women I was talking to there. She was aware of this as I had told her initially. I had loads of fun in Santo Domingo no doubt but none could compare to Mariana. Somehow, I couldn’t get her off my mind as I kept thinking about her. Her innocence and gentility had struck a chord in me I couldn’t shake off.

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