IF You don’t want to improve yourself. If You are happy with an average mediocre life. IF You are ok with not getting the girl of your dreams. If You are ok with not going after your dream or not accomplishing your goals all because of a lack of confidence, then this ebook is not for you. 

Sure you can lie to yourself, and say it’s not because you lack confidence, it’s because you are “too busy” or whatever excuse you want to use. However, you and I know it’s because of fear, fear you could overcome if you had more confidence. The confidence you can gain from this book. The fear among young men is one of the most difficult challenges in the realm of dating. 
This ebook powerfully confronts fear and shyness to give you unconventional but effective ways of building confidence, but…….

I make no promises, and this book may not be for you. Any book that promises that it is guaranteed to work no matter what is pure bullshit. 
All I promise is if you apply the techniques in this book that you will be one step closer to becoming more confident. If I can get you to take one step towards becoming better then I have done my job. One step towards you improving will make buying and creating this book worth it. After that, I really don’t care if you never buy another product from me As long as you keep improving yourself, even if it’s with other books or services.